Rose in Blue


Who am I?


Rose in Blue is a one-person venture with more than twenty years experience in her preceding history of working with people. See under history and a personal portrait, and read further about the spirit of this endeavour. You can of course contact me with any further questions.

This venture is about creativity and challenges yet to be met in our most human living space: the interpersonal, intercultural and the social. It is a non-profit undertaking, having only to share and nothing to sell! Being a company of only one person at the moment, it launches a call into the world in search of other individuals who might be ready to join efforts for the goals outlined. The call is for Social Artistry, implying imagination, new skills and talents yet to be revealed, trained and applied in life and work. It calls the artist in us to manifest itself – not to change the world, but to complete and enrich it with its gifts to humanity.

Faced with this century’s challenges, the natural and other catastrophes threatening to unbalance our world, joy in life fades away. When did you last experience this quality? Not because of… something material you have bought or gained, but simply because it has welled up in you. Joy in life, an earth-shaking feeling of wellness, or the pleasure, which arises inside you when you suddenly discover what you really want to do, and you go ahead and do it! Risky? Sometimes, certainly. Certainly if you do something which other people think you can’t. In a positive, creative sense. It’s great pleasure.

Rose in Blue wants to put some signs on the road to regain it.