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This is my youngest initiative with a background of more than twenty years experience in my preceding history of working with people. More than this: my life-long interest in people and the alchemy of human relationships. See under history and personal portrait, and read further about the spirit of the enterprise and about the Court Jester and the Clown! This website transmits a non-commercial endeavour. Supported by artistic work and philosophical excursions it is an attempt at opening a mental and practical creative space for Social Artistry (as mentioned elsewhere). This aim is directly connected with Joy in life and real pleasure in being engaged in something valuable, one’s calling perhaps…

When did you last experience these qualities? Not because... of something material you've bought or gained, but simply because they welled up in you. Joy in life, an earth-shaking feeling of wellness, when you are really clean with yourself and are not moved by all sorts of strings, pulled by others... Or the pleasure, which arises inside you when you suddenly discover what you really want to do, and you go ahead and do it! Risky? Sometimes, certainly. Certainly if you do something which other people say you can't. In a positive creative sense. It's a great pleasure to start exploring these fields.

For this purpose, and following from the last ten years 2004 – 2014 teaching and learning experience in Brazil, my new Atelier Rose in Blue in Voorburg, South Holland, will be opening its doors in May 2015 as a working place of a very special kind. Devoted to bringing Art into Life and making Life into a Work of Art, this is an Artistic Enterprise, with my personal endorsement of the information offered on this website. Atelier Rose in Blue is meant to be a place for artistic research into who you were born to become, and which call you may want and need to respond to right now, personally or professionally. This is neither a therapy, nor a consultant service. In effect, there is only artistry to be evoked, together. Whatever you may wish to work on in this special place, alone or with others, is still to be discovered.

As for myself, integrating the variety of experiences from the past forty years in the areas of Self Development through Art, Artistic Therapy, Schooling for Life and Work, The Art of Life-Management as a Process, (title of a book yet to be released for publication), and the latest, which took place in Brazil: Artistic Expedition, into the Unknown, a three-years group happening, and Art Pedagogic, my way of teaching people to discover for themselves what they need to know. All these steps followed quite naturally, culminating in my present notion of Self Employment with Life. A sincere commitment to the Art of Being.