I was born in Russia, in its Soviet period, ruled by Stalin, on the edge of World War II. By the time I was seven, all securities normally taken for granted were lost, our family disrupted, my mother being the only one left to protect me. She was the one, who took us both out of the hell. With her immense courage and the help of providence, at the age of twelve, just after the war, I was brought to Brazil in a group of refugees. This land became, unconsciously at first, a vibrant part of me, the human warmth of its people a real balsam for my homeless soul. I married and had three children born there. Nevertheless, I had to return to Europe after twenty-two years to reconnect with my roots, as it were, and to train for a new profession: Art-Therapy.

With the help of providence again, I found myself 1973 in Holland where I finished this training and started work, founding a Centre for Personal Development through Art (“Het Klavertje”, Driebergen/Zeist). As Art-Therapist and Teacher I was confronted for the next twelve years with a great variety of human problems. The roots of what seemed to be wrong, I saw, did not always lie in the presenting problems, but rather in the fact that people lagged behind in the development of their spiritual and creative potential, for whatever reason. This was a wealth of experience which took me further towards the recognition that Art was much more than a Therapy; the therapy being a step on the way – often necessary – towards a much greater goal: that of reconnecting with one’s full potential to be human.

With my last book published in Holland, “Therapy… and then what?” my vision was of a “school” where the known categories of teachers and students would dissolve into a team of artists/researchers working together and pooling the results of their discoveries and knowledge, the school itself being fed by them! Utopia or not, I introduced some of these ideas in my next period of work, in Switzerland, where a new Centre was founded: “Kunst- und Kulturzentrum Turicum” in Niederuster near Zürich. Art, there, was more than just Therapy. It was re-established in its own value and enlarged to include Social Art, or Social Artistry.

What now? After another period of ten years “Turicum” was closed consciously and purposefully to open space… to new development of this idea(l).