Personal portrait



Galina (Galya)

A portrait points to a personal reality but it is not the whole reality. Most of it lies behind me, as a history; more of it is still to come, I hope. It can be no more than a hint. Here is how I want to be now known. I am called Galina and Galya is the name I sign for my artistic work.

Being an artist means to me being devoted to and engaged in life, sensing its undercurrents, dealing with elements otherwise untouchable, stepping over the edges of things called real by the rational mind. My first and the artistic names are the closest to my identity as a person and are the only garments I choose to wear now in the context of this website.

My preceding history and professional work is recorded elsewhere. It certainly has been most important and instrumental for the awakening of my inner being and leading me into my present way of life. I am grateful for all events which took place and people who were involved in them; my children, first of all, who often showed a remarkable foresight when my eyes were still shut. There is not one of the encounters I would like to have missed, both of my partners in life least of all. Then there are those friends (some of them already gone) whom I never forget and to whom I owe … a lot! They were Angels on my way, who never failed me. And next to them, permeating my professional life, all my clients and students, colleagues in fact, on the great journey of discovering who we really are…

Artists, I’d say, each one of us, gifted with the potential of becoming, in very many individual ways, positive-creative, the architects of our lives. Beyond the world’s mercantile standards, Art is a life-enhancing, immaterial source of energy within our innermost being, the artist in us. One just needs to say yes to it. I do.