The spirit of the enterprise



Each time produces its own thought-uniforms. Reason enough to change the wardrobe!
These words by the novelist Rolf Isau touch the turning point from my preceding history into what Rose in Blue now stands for. All life-experience, professional or otherwise, and all knowledge collected, is in the end-effect not enough to capacitate oneself for a self-conscious, creative, responsible and response-able life to its many challenges. A real life. Finding and using one’s own power for smaller or larger transformation of multiple interpersonal, intercultural and other problems into possibilities. An Artistry of a special kind. Social Artistry as a further goal.

Dark and cold we may be, but this is no winter now. The frozen misery of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move…
Words like these, and more than just words, the poetic insights of Christopher Fry in his poem A Sleep of Prisoners have long before the world’s entry into its new millennium, summoned us to take the next step. Today one can’t rely on a particular system or a branch of knowledge to tell us what to do. Dealing with life is a not covered risk and a challenge.
Thank God our time is now when wrong comes up to face us everywhere, never to leave us till we take the longest stride of soul we ever took… writes Fry. It is, however, not only the wrong which is to be faced; it is also the immeasurable wealth of the good still unused, stored as it were, as human potential. It is the not-yet-realised, or materialised, not yet sacrificed to the market values and other rules, which is still to be developed, which can give us trust in what we can do and be in the immediate future.

Rose in Blue is… a challenge too! Its spirit joins with a saying by the poet Kahlil Gibran, that Life, and all that lives, is conceived in the mist and not in the crystal. The same can be said of artistic creation which starts in the legendary nothing to become something in the hands or the mind of an artist.

Rose in Blue is a symbol of a meaning which reaches beyond the visible (the rose) to point towards the intangible (blue), which can be seen as the immaterial source of energy from which all things are created. It stands for Social Artistry, as formulated by Jean Houston:
Social Artistry is the art of enhancing human capacities in the light of social complexity. It seeks to bring new ways of thinking, being and doing to social challenges in the world.