Interested in many, but not obliged to any particular school of thought or doctrine, my philosophical wanderings around follow from life experiences and artistic experiments. Expressed in a pictorial language, most of them, they are also pictures. Thought-pictures. They complement or expand a theme touched by poetry (not only my own!) or suggested by a painting. In one way or another, they invite you to reflect on them.

Life writes itself first to be read later, somebody has said. It is a game for which no rules of play are delivered. Sometime we play it well, by chance. And sometimes not. Or we make a disastrous mistake. Something which we realise only later.

How would it be, however, if we were to learn to read the scripts life works out for us a bit sooner? I believe we can do this. Letting Art teach us. This work is self-employment of the most intimate kind, since it asks us to be in contact with the wholeness of our being. No restrictions. One needs to be able to say, what one has to say, or express it through form, colour or otherwise. Most important: take personal responsibility for it. In the same way as poetry is not only about writing poems, philosophy is not only about presenting viewpoints. Itís a way of life, engaged in being truthful. Not proclaiming a truth.