Poetry to me is spiritual opening to things both far ahead and nearby, the result being often astounding and nourishing at the same time. My poems are attempts at expressing what goes beyond logical reasoning and yet is here and now the connecting link with the realities concerning our greater life – those of an unlimited imagination and possibilities of venturing into the unknown.

A poem comes through me and surprises me in the end with its imagery and messages! The I which populates many such expressions is more of an eye which opens my perception whilst I am writing, of things yet to be known. It happens ahead of my ordinary, rational mind or any attempt to compose a poem. As in paintings which make visible what in material sense does not exist, in poetry a door is opened extending an invitation to expand awareness into areas not yet occupied by prevailing thinking patterns or daily affairs. It’s a way out of the ordinary, taking the liberty of giving voice to many a silence within. Poetic expression is a way for these silences to manifest themselves through words.

A poetic sense lives in all of us and can be touched off to start revealing itself. Herewith I invite you to start writing a poem! You can! Just believe it. Poetry is by no means the privilege of the learned or the gifted. It lies – as all arts do – within our innermost being, the artist in us, just asking to come out.