Progress, in art and science...



Invisibly, Philosophy nourishes it. It is the never-ending quest and the dialogue which moves the world. Donít we get insights, questioning oneís self and re-arranging our thoughts? Thoughts have colours and forms. They produce pictures on the screen of our mind. They can move us into deeds, press us down or lift us above all troubles. They? Who are they and, even more interesting, how do they produce all that we call reality? So, what is reality? It is what we think it is. Re-think it and it will show a different face.

Thoughts are a living, ever-changing reality. They come and go. Our thoughts? Or might they emerge from a source and just visit us? To make us capable of responding to Lifeís challenges, and by responding, discover our personal strengths and talents? They certainly make us much more than we think we are!