In Search of the Human is a poetic picture book in three parts, each poem picturing a life situation, experienced personally and expressed emotionally through poetry.

It bridges the distance between ‘you’ and ‘me’ by opening a dimension in which ‘we’ can meet. Meet in thoughts and in feelings linked by… the search for the human in all of us!

Some poems from part one:

In Search of the Human…
In search of the human
I travelled so far…!
I covered a distance
Like from here to a star.
The long journey taught me
So many new things…
The humans were there,
But they’d broken their wings!

In Search of the Human
A cry in the dark?
A desperate longing
For the light and that spark
Which once… (I imagine)
Made this world appear?
Where is it?
I see mostly fear…
The fear to come out.
To be who you are.
To say: “I am here and
I’ve come very far.
I am matter and spirit.
I am darkness and light.
I am heaven and hell.
I am both: black and white.
In between north and south,
East and west, I am here!
I can smell, see and touch.
I can speak, taste and hear.
I’ve more senses than five,
I can think, I can live,
I can sing, dance and balance
Between ‘take’ and ‘give’.
I am human, therefore
I am moving ahead”.

And I still can remember
those times when we’ve met…

To all Humans I’ve met…
We have met…
When the Wind fell in love with the Rainbow
And the Sun fell in love with the Moon…
When God the Father completing creation
Rested pleased with the work he had done.

We have met…
When Space fell in love with her bridegroom
And Time fell in love with his bride…
When God the Mother was feeding her baby
Human child with bright eyes, opened wide.

We have met…
When the Air fell in love with the Fire
And the Night fell in love with the Day…
When the Gods who surrounded the humans
Were happy both to dance and to play.

We have met…
Many times and we’ve parted…
Hardly knowing that this was a chance
To see through the disguise we were wearing
And to heighten our play and our dance.

Now our eyes…
Cannot see… and our hearing
Cannot capture the sound of that Day
When our Mother, the God, was breast-feeding
And our Father, the God, loved to play…

With us, Humans to Be.

Now we’re here and we’ve met once again
In the dust and the heat of this world.
We have seen many a day pass by with the wind
And a rainbow just fading away…

To all humans I’ve met, here my greetings
And the wish that one glorious day
We may use our own voice and our freedom
To embrace all of life and to… Play!

=> More poems can be sent to you on request.