In Search of the Human is a poetic picture book in three parts, each poem picturing a life situation, experienced personally and expressed emotionally through poetry.

It bridges the distance between ‘you’ and ‘me’ by opening a dimension in which ‘we’ can meet. Meet in thoughts and in feelings linked by… the search for the human in all of us!

Some poems from part three:

The “World Saviours”
It has become a mode to say:
“The world is in a crisis…
We have to save it”.

World Saviours rise by hundreds
And speak of light and love…
Sister- and Brotherhoods!

Thousands of souls sit at their feet
And live on words…
As they dispose of
Their discerning thought
And let their Master’s mind take over
With his “should” and “ought”.

And so we’re back
To good, old feudal times…
We might as well salute and bow.

Is the world having a crisis?
Or all we all watching
An ultra-modern Playback-Show?

The songs of pirates, emperors and thieves
Are now provided
With soul-endearing texts:

“All herds and flocks rejoice!
We’ve come at last to save you all
and lead you to…
the safest zoo!
You ask for peace?
We’ve got it for you.
You ask for safety?
Please ask no more.
Give us your hand
Give us your body
Give us your mind
Give us… your soul!”

Stewardess Fate
When you’ve stopped playing “saviour” of this cruel world
And you’ve burnt all your recipe-files,
Full of systems and magic and methods and tricks…
How to make people change their life-styles….

When you’ve stopped living life which is borrowed from books,
Stating how one must think and behave,
And you’ve dared to draw breath and you’ve felt how it tastes
To have Life-force to spend, not to save…

When you’ve given your thinking a job to find out
What is false, what is true in each case.
And you’ve searched for the value of all living things
And you’ve put everything in its place…

You may find out… that the world is not good, is not bad,
All depends on the way how you look
And select the ingredients which you need or want
For the meal you are going to cook.

Many a life is a meal which we cook for ourselves:
Bitter, sour, sweet, heavy or light…
Which Stewardess Fate will be serving with smiles
The next time we are booked on her flight.

=> More poems can be sent to you on request.