In Search of the Human is a poetic picture book in three parts, each poem picturing a life situation, experienced personally and expressed emotionally through poetry.

It bridges the distance between ‘you’ and ‘me’ by opening a dimension in which ‘we’ can meet. Meet in thoughts and in feelings linked by… the search for the human in all of us!

Some poems from part two:

God, was it in vain…?
Some knowledge destroys the world.
Love builds it up.
Greed keeps it turning.
Need patches it up.

When man started knowing…
His time had arrived.
Greed woke up from sleeping.
Gods knew… and they sighed.
Love trembled but started
To pack her suitcase,
To come to this world
In due time and place.
Need signed a contract
With Greed to divide
The profit they’d gather
No doubt on each side,
When Greed would awaken
Man’s senses to want…
And Need would frustrate him
By saying: “You can’t!”
From being unhappy
The Girl-Man will cry,
Whilst Boy-Man will venture.
At least he can try
To think out solutions
To problems which now
Are growing like weeds
And he doesn’t know how…
To use all his knowledge.
Love knocks at the door
But Greed keeps her out
And Need asks for more…
Boy-Man is now getting
More bald and more pale,
Computers are spitting
Their answers like hail,
And buried in knowledge,
Poor Man cannot gain.
His life seems now worthless.
God, was it in vain…?

“Not to be”
Ideals are seeds which cannot be planted
In ground which is barren and dry.
When minds are too closed
And hearts hardly beating,
There is nothing to do.
I could cry!

I do cry when people, behaving like robots,
Pretend they are humans. They talk…
But words which they utter
Are empty of meaning.
They lead to dead-ends.
As we walk…

The land which was open, receptive to humans,
Through which thoughts
Could flow and be seeds…
Now thoughts become poor.
Man’s hands do not move.
The earth of this land simply bleeds.

And man walking blind cannot see the big gap,
The wound which can’t close unless he…
Does something. But doing…
That’s just what he can’t.
Because he once signed:
“Not to be”.

He bought then instead,
Just a picture of Life,
A lady of doubtful descent…
Who promised a lot…
And the rest?
Don’t we all know how it went?

=> More poems can be sent to you on request.