Rose in Blue - theatre


Let's perform!


Play-acting opens all the registers of our instrument panel for expression: voice, mimic, movement, gesture. These are powerful instruments. We use them all the time, and mostly unconsciously. To become conscious, is to come to know ourselves and be able to correct those performances which work against what we really intend or mean. Many roles get imprinted and become second nature. We become what we perform. Unless we step out of a role and look at ourselves from the angle of a spectator. Or have a spectator re-frame our role.

Play-acting as a learning experience can teach us to get into every possible role, and get out of it. As good actors do. Rose in Blue Theatre combines two outstanding methods for doing this: Johannes Galli (Clown Galli) who’s motto is: In play everything is true. And Augusto Boal, who is sure that Everyone can play theatre…

We certainly do. Think of all those functions which prescribe a certain behaviour which we, like it or not, can’t possibly drop. Or want to. However, there might be more of us wanting to show up. In quite a different way, perhaps.

This is the heart of Rose in Blue’s body and soul: a schooling, yes, but as a process, open-ended, yet following the theatre-pedagogical lines of the Forumtheatre on the one side and the Clown’s unpredictable moves on the other, to take us where we need to be. This is an adventure off the beaten tracks of success-promising slogans. Why the Clown? In a world where a run for success has become a must, doing things slower… as the Clown does, may be a time-expanding experience.

What can we expect if we lose our expectations? Why don’t we try it? The theatre gives us the chance and the space to re-arrange life in a different way. Start a new story. Transform an old script. The action is fictitious, but the experience is real.

In Forumtheatre we get the opportunity to explore new ways of being, and try them out on the stage. Forumtheatre is anti-authoritarian. It does not claim to show the “right” way – “right” according to which view? – it offers a chance to study (various) ways (Boal).

Forumtheatre is a challenge. The border, which separates the players and their spectators disappears when it becomes evident that from either side the course of the action on stage can be changed. It is no longer determined by a text to be interpreted. Or just portraying life, as a result of fate. The human being is the destiny of the human being. Everything is changeable. In this kind of theatre the players deal with an open-ended, continuously evolving story – with the help of the spectators, who are invited to bring their ideas into it. And acting them out.

Losing our expectations… transforms every end into a new and surprising beginning.

Who needs it? We may. Time-investment? By agreement. Where? Any place with a suitable space. When? Anytime we decide. How much? Very little...