The Hero’s journey



This is a guided learning experience – see also The little mermaid and The village “I” - based on a theme which provides a structure and a route, to be followed step by step. Here we start with studying the subject, and becoming familiar with the figures playing parts in it.

The Hero’s Journey, is a mythological journey which takes us across the border of our everyday reality into the realm of fantastic encounters with forces of destiny. It starts with the Call to Adventure, to which we are free to respond or not. As history, the myth has never happened, but it is always happening. The hero is the champion of things becoming, not of things become… (Joseph Campbell: The Hero with a Thousand Faces). Campbell is reported to have said that when people say that they are searching for the meaning of life, what they really seek is its profound experience. Such experience is hardly possible in modern times when scepticism and anxiety rule our lives.

After studying this theme, we create a structure for a dramatic performance, allowing for new experiences. Guided imagery takes us into the depths of this myth. It brings us into close contact with its characters. And through them, ourselves.

Then, we can play! Even in the theatre…