The little mermaid



This is a guided learning experience – see also The Hero’s Journey and The village “I” - based on a theme which provides a structure and a route, to be followed step by step. Here we start by studying the subject and becoming familiar with the figures playing parts in it.

The story of the little mermaid, by Hans Christian Andersen, starts with her longing to become human. What this implies is portrayed in the stages of her journey, responding to the Call… being Between the two worlds… making a Decision… enlisting the help of Magic… taking Risks… suffering Disappointment… being offered Rescue…and being subjected to the final Trial. Will she withstand it? Will she find The Key…?

This may be our story too. Will we find our keys…? This story is a counterpart to the Hero’s journey. In addition, here we also engage in creative writing, poetry included, to find the little mermaid in the 21st century. And in ourselves.

Where the sea is so deep that no sunshine
Ever reaches its mysterious grounds
Lives the Mermaid Princess in her Castle,
Which no human until now has found…

Mermaids have long lives, their existence
Spans three hundred years, after then…
Their bodies dissolve into foam-flakes,
Their souls aren’t immortal like man’s…