The village “I”



This is a guided learning experience – see also The Hero’s Journey and The little mermaid, based on a theme which provides a structure and a route, to be followed step by step. Here we start by studying the subject and becoming familiar with the figures playing parts in it.

The village “I”, by a contemporary writer, Hermine van Schuppen van den Bosch presents quite a variety of characters, inhabiting an imaginary village in which each one has its place, and the right to be. It starts when all the citizens of this village are called to attend a meeting in the Town Hall. This meeting is presided over by the new Mayor, who is called Patience, who was preceded by the Mayor Impatience, whose government had left behind quite a disorder. So we are told. One by one, the citizens appear, to take their seats in the big hall. First of all Impatience, of course, who can’t wait to put his views forward. The proceedings feature all of these well-known-to-us characters such as: Envy, Greed, Suspicion, Respectlessness, but also Simplicity, Stillness, Courage, Caring, Trust, Joy, followed by Laziness, Gluttony, Doubt, Criticism and others yet to be introduced.

After recognizing them as our (hidden or not) sub-personalities, we let them speak for themselves – as the story suggests - and let us know what they need. Since we cannot deport them elsewhere, our job is to give them a place in our community. First of all we need to come to know them, thoroughly. We give them a voice and a face, a figure and a way of walking, dressing and presenting themselves. This experimenting is great fun, at the same time as it is profound schooling. It brings us into close contact with each of these characters. The unexpected may announce itself when we are ready to play them!