Rose in Blue - learning experiences


What I have learned...


It has been said that play is older than culture (J. Huizinga). If so, it is an innate, healthy and productive need of the human nature to express itself. It provides learning experiences in the first place. Reflecting on them, you come to new insights, design your own strategies. And if faced with problems, you resolve them in your own particular way.

Supported by this background Rose in Blue offers a package of activities focused on Artistic Play. Dramatic play in the first place. Complemented with plastic arts, expression through body-movement, voice and poetry, this has proved itself to be a most powerful way to give new faces to reality, transforming the old. The reality, in which we all have our parts, as players in the on-going drama of our time.

Everyone can play theatre, even the actors, says the Brazilian Augusto Boal. Everywhere theatre can be played. Even in the theatre! We are the theatre, as Boal states, and in it, we are also all the protagonists and antagonists. Coming to know them better, we can guess how much energy is being invested in each one of them. And the power they get from it, for better or worse. All this is creative energy, the same as that which is spent in a painting, an energetic expression, which reveals more of itself in contact with the eye of its viewer. Our internal cast of players are characters with whom we may need to establish contact too, in order to re-write, perhaps, a script written once upon a time…

And how does it work? No instruction manuals or ready-made recipes. We start with a flow of something which is sure to be in the air, needing to appear. It always is. People bring it or it surrounds them wherever they go. Every play is unique, and the discoveries which you make will be so as well. That's why it cannot be told exactly how it will work for you. The starting point is often a scene taken from real life. Everything which follows is unexpected.

By allowing it to happen, we re-source ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically. Faced by the unpredicted, we develop a new capacity for a pro-active tension, the opposite of stress. Being no longer passive playmates, we order the circumstances as we re-connect ourselves with the source of personal power to become directors in the theatre of our lives. The only way to make its plays successful!