Human re-sourcing



Re-connecting with the source. What else, if not the Divine?

Giving a voice to Rose in Blue, we wish firstly to create a forum for human development, complementing the technological. Create space – on this website to start with – in which the human factor can be an issue for individuals and groups, researching into possibilities of further progress in inter-personal and inter-cultural fields. This is individual activity, creativity, responsibility and the sense of staying alive in the world as it is, today, which can give a more satisfying purpose to our lives and work.

It is by moving on, in creative communication and cooperation with others, thinking, researching, truly living (not just surviving) that we can evolve. Our questions are no longer “what is better, what is worse” or “how do we avoid the worse, in order to get at the better?”

Each of us has tendencies for both, the good and the bad, within us and so has the spirit of our time. At the present time we can no longer choose the one, ignoring the other. Our time calls for special skills yet to be developed. These special skills are artistic in fact.

It is really schooling for life that is being asked for.