A handful of idealism



Social Art cannot be sold. Its effects are gifts to society and humanity as a whole. When working, this Art is the agent which mobilises energies which are effectual only if they can be employed free of charge. Financial and other. One does something, because one thinks it’s right to do it, and believes in it. On the market, where everything has its price – validity admitted! – this autonomy does not exist. Services have their prices too, and time is money, as we are told.

Rose in Blue opens another space, without disturbing that which is ruled by the market’s values.

Having no ready-made products to sell, not even promises of results to be expected, this is a purely artistic, fantastic and surprising experience. The target-public are all artists-to-be on a non-commercial field of human life. Being a non-profit making undertaking, Rose in Blue breaks the law that everything has to cost money… presenting an alternative of sharing of services and expertise. It is a pioneering attempt at creating a different social reality. It requires, however, also that which can’t be calculated in monetary terms, YOUR motivation to join me in this field, giving discovery a chance and communication with others a considerable space. Dedication to this cause may prove to be of great benefit to all concerned. But even this cannot be taken for granted.

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