Mastering life?



Here is a question and a challenge: Can we, can we not, work towards mastering our life-affairs in a constructive, our personal and human development enhancing way? If so, we are potentially the masters, with all abilities inside us ready to be called upon. If we donít think we can, reality created by others will rule us. If you believe, you can do it, you will be able to. If you think you canít, youíre sure to be right, too.

Mastering Life is the further-reaching aim of the whole range of the Human Re-sourcing Activities. Sure, the master in you and me is not by far a fully developed and acknowledged greatness. Neither does it need to be. The mastering of new and existing situations cannot be learned at school. It needs a voluntary, conscious engagement in a learning experience beyond commonly accepted ideas about training programmes. Where to find such an experience? We need to create it. A space. And take the time to be there, to be engaged in life. In us. And others. And learn from each other. This is the central part of Blue in Roseís attempts to create such a space.

In Mastering Life? we set a scene for well-known or imaginable scenarios, in which we often are put under stress or even overpowered by the situation. We experiment with different approaches, including unusual ones. Playing them out, we come to know them and may no longer feel oppressed by them. The strategy is to live out on an improvised stage that of which we are afraid in life. There, with no pre-set script, we can experiment with ways of being we might have never thought of before. The descent into real life becomes easier after this. Much more interesting too.

And the Court-Jester, what has he to do with this?