A personal statement



Having lived in different cultures and speaking five languages, I nevertheless had to find a "sixth" one - the language of the arts - for communication with my own and other people's "senses" and organs of perception, when dealing with problems as well as opportunities. Lifeís challenges have been my most important teachers, before and after training for Art-Therapy (1972-1976) in Germany and Holland. After a number of years of practice, on the threshold to my 50th birthday an important transition into a new way of working took place. This was no longer informed by my past; it sprang from a new impulse not to be attributed to any of my past achievements, studies or historical factors. It has become my own discipline for life and work.

Having completed a drama training at the Galli Institute in Munich, and certified (in 1999) to perform or teach spontaneous acting, according to (the Clown) Johannes Galliís discipline, I was happy to incorporate the Court-Jester and his successor, the Clown, into my work. Thatís why Ronnie, my little friend is given a space here!

Later on I was able to expand this experience in another drama training at Augusto Boalís Centre in Rio de Janeiro Brazil (2006) for which I also hold a certificate. Theatre and dramatic expression as a way of self-development is now my main endeavour Ė and pleasure! - in helping others to discover what it can do for them!

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