The Court Jester



He is the one who puts things together in an unconventional way. Or reveals a hitherto unseen opportunity in what often appears to be a disaster. He (or she) can be the real master in many a run-out-of-control situation. With his or her ability to be totally present in it, maintaining all senses alert and serenity in action. This ability is that of coming up, just in time, with the right idea or solution to a problem, inspired by the happenings of the moment.

This historical figure, the forerunner of present-day Clowns, was never confined by categories or restricted by rules. Court-Jesters were employed to say and do what others dared not, were not allowed to say or do, or had never even thought about. They used their freedom of thought and action in creative play. They could be irreverent, insulting, impatient of fools or pompous asses. They could laugh or cry, be provocative, philosophical, enraptured or sad. They had licence, and they used it without thought for personal gain. In fact they may have been the first free individuals of their time. It could be that their successor, the Clown, is right here, full of energy, inside each one of us, asking to come out. No longer employed by the courts of the Great and the Mighty, he is free to be of service to us now!

In Schiller’s words: Man plays only where he is human in the fullest sense of the word, and he is only entirely human when he plays.

Adding to this Maria Schindler wrote in her Europe, a Cosmic Picture:
Studying the human disposition he sought the realm where man is truly free in his creating. Freedom lives only in art, and art is like the play of a child. This ability to play, this free imagination, is in all of us, and can therefore be achieved even in everyday life. When it is awakened, the life of the senses appears to man filled with the expression of such beautiful spirituality that reason, too, is satisfied. A higher man thus evolves out of the ordinary man and the slave turns into a true human being, rejuvenated through the artistic urge to play and able to experience the Divine…

Unimaginable, that a Clown could be a key-figure in this?